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law school application deadlines

Are law school application deadlines “soft deadlines”?

I often respond to questions from readers on the law school admissions process. Here is a question I recently responded to: 


Q: Are law school application deadlines “soft deadlines”? I am applying to law schools (or, rather, did apply to law schools a month and more ago) and over the past week have received several emails from schools asking me to apply even though their deadlines have passed. This is based, presumably, upon my LSAT score, which the Law School Admission Council sends out to law schools. Does this indicate a particularly bad year for law school recruitment, or is it always like this?


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harvard law school grading

Harvard Law School’s Grading System

Years ago in 2009, Harvard revised its law school grading system, which was the most explicit attempt by the school to improve student quality of life and happiness and change the school’s reputation (not helped by “The Paper Chase”) as cutthroat.  (more…)

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law school admissions

Why Law School Admissions at the Highest Levels is Subjective

While law school admissions are more of a numbers game than business school admissions, at the highest levels law school admissions can be quite subjective because elite law schools have more than enough applicants who meet the basic GPA and LSAT standards to qualify for admission. So they don’t necessarily just admit those candidates with the highest scores on both.

That is why admissions at the highest level can sometimes feel like dice roll. (more…)

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