what do law schools look for

What do top law schools look for in applicants?

I often respond to questions from readers on the law school admissions process. Here is a question I recently responded to: 


Q: What do top law schools look for in applicants?

A: The best law schools are really looking for leadership. They are asking themselves the question, “Will this person become a future leader in their field, whether that field is law or not?” Give them a reason to say ‘yes’ to that question. Show them how your academic and career path has already begun to demonstrate this kind of leadership. If you can focus on framing your candidacy in this way, you’ll find it much easier to write your application compellingly — and with greater success in winning acceptances as a result.

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Andrew C.

Andrew Chen is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He was admitted to Harvard on his first attempt at applying – in the very first round of applicants. He was also admitted to the law schools at Stanford, Columbia, NYU, and Chicago among others – also all in their first rounds. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.