what do you learn in harvard law school

What is the most valuable thing you learn at Harvard Law School?

I often respond to questions from readers on the law school admissions process. Here is a question I recently responded to: 


Q: What is the most valuable thing you learn at Harvard Law School?

A: The most useful skill you obtain with a Harvard legal education is rock-solid critical thinking and reasoning skills. Harvard is great at teaching you how to sustain tremendous fact absorption and engage in complex, linear, logical analysis. It teaches you how to parse ambiguities, clarify difficult concepts, and communicate very complex ideas in simple sentences. It teaches you how to distinguish facts and how to frame compelling arguments. These are all important skills that will serve you powerfully forever, no matter what career path you pursue, and whether you stay in law or not. They are the core assets of a Harvard lawyer and they are universally applicable to any endeavor in life.

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Andrew C.

Andrew Chen is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He was admitted to Harvard on his first attempt at applying – in the very first round of applicants. He was also admitted to the law schools at Stanford, Columbia, NYU, and Chicago among others – also all in their first rounds. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.